Selling your Toronto home requires you to take many steps to prepare the home for buyers. The real estate market has no shortage of homes for sale and if you want your home to sell quickly, it must stand out from the crowd. It is important to price the home accordingly, use staging techniques, and add those little features that buyers want in their home, but it is also important that you give your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint. Before slapping any cheap color of paint on your home that you can find sold at the Toronto paint store, it is important to learn the home colors that leave buyers impressed-and reaching deep into their wallets.

Although you might want to use bright, bold, or even dark and daring colors when painting the exterior of your home, it is best to stick to light, neutral colors. Appealing to the majority of homebuyers is the goal, after all, and these inviting colors are usually those that homebuyers want. Do not mistakenly believe that ‘neutral’ means white, however. There are actually several neutral colors that can create a uniquely satisfying look that buyers want.

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In fact, many sellers are surprised to learn the many realtors avoid using white when painting the home. The color is boring, lacks character and charm, and despite availability in many shades, really has little to offer in way of personality that would lure a buyer in the direction of your home.

Beige is another color that falls into the neutrals category. While a better option than white, it is also boring and outdated. It is also a warm color and studies suggest that cool coolers are trending.  Gray is also a popular color for homes and one that also attracts buyers in your direction. Many hue of gray add the perfect amount of haste to the home without being overbearing. 

Light blues work great inside certain rooms in the home. There are three color families in the blue spectrum, each providing a fresh take on your space. It is a comforting, inviting color that works well in most any space.

When choosing paint colors, let the Toronto paint store experts fill you in on the latest trends and most popular colors. They’ll also help you learn the best brands of paint for this style project. Additionally, consider the decor that is in the home, such as the lighting and the countertops, to choose a color that meshes well.