Why do You Need the Sun Basket Contact Info?

Sun Basket is one of the newest meal kit delivery companies to join the industry. The company has been welcomed in with open arms, as their kits make it easy to live a healthier lifestyle as you try out new, delicious meals that are easy to prepare. The company opened in early 2018 and has already earned a reputation that speaks for itself. If you’re considering joining the delivery program, you need the sun basket contact information. There are many reasons that you might need to speak to a team member. This includes:

·    Items in your box were incorrect

·    You have billing issues

·    You did not receive a box

·    Foods in the box were not fresh

sun basket contact

·    You have nutritional questions or concerns

Mistakes are rare, but they do happen to even the best of them. It is easy to contact the company who will promptly handle any concerns that you might experience. If that isn’t assurance in a company, what is?

The Affiliate Program

The company has a cool Affiliate Program that people can join and promote the site while earning a few bucks for themselves. Plus, you can help other people learn more about the SB meal kit delivery program so they are also enjoying the perks of it. If you join this program, it might be necessary to contact the company for several different reasons. So, make sure that you do have the number on hand for such occasions.

Questions & Concerns

If you need to ask a question, it is easy to reach out to Sun Basket and get the answers that you want. They have an email contact and a telephone number with agents who are ready to assist customers in any manner possible.

Sun Basket is a company that is making trends in the homes of many people. Although the company is based in San Francisco, California, they deliver boxes to locations across the states. Each kit is filled with the exact ingredients needed to prepare their meals. Each week, 18 chef-created meals are available, each bursting with flavor and the goodness that you need in the foods that you eat.