Brief Intro And Motivation To Go Jejum Intermittently

What is the biggest motivation for you right now? Most of you reading this right now want to lose excess weight. Not just that, you want to lose it quick and fast, as in you have grown fed up if you will and want to lose the baggage yesterday.

Otherwise minded folks would have told you to not be so impatient. They’ll say it’s not a good idea to be so hasty. Just like it takes time to make good food, it can take time to lose weight effectively.


But says who? Did they not know that it can take a matter of minutes to prepare a truly wholesome meal that is also going to be healthy and keep the fat off? Some mouths will water at this, thinking that this is not going to be possible for them if they’re to go jejum and lose the weight quick and fast (if you will).

But no, that’s not how it works. While these folks will be required to do some fasting to lose their weight super quick they will only be putting themselves through an intermittent fasting diet. What does that mean anyhow? Can someone please explain this to me in a language I understand? This will be a couple of the dozen or so questions that hesitant and understandably frustrated folks will have on their minds by now.

They’re frustrated because they’ve still been struggling to lose the excess weight. They’ve tried so many tricks and fads and, of course, none of them ever worked. And, of course, they conveniently forgot to keep themselves at least physically active. What did they expect? That the excess fat would stay off once it was lost? A healthy and long-term mindset is required to ensure that the weight stays down permanently. And it can. But first this. Call it the emergency rescue package. It’s not all bad; nothing at all like it was before when you had to starve yourself on rabbit leaves if you were lucky enough to get a bite in edgeways.